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Frequently Asked Question

Why website is important for your business?

It is important to have your website as it allows you to connect with prospective clients who are searching online for the kind of services or products you offer. It also aids you establish the credibility of your business especially in this modern era where almost everybody needing or wanting something goes online to look for the best and nearest available product or services.

Why Website need professional design?

Your website needs a professional design to promote your brand in way that is consistent with the kind of quality or brand you want to establish. After all, you want a website that is appealing to your clients and is easy for them to navigate.

Web Portal?

A web portal is a platform that allows your staff, clients and suppliers to connect with your business online. It can also serve as a customized access point for your trainings, profiles and other information that you may want to share with your clients online.

May I see some samples or templates you have done in the past?

Yes, you may. Check out my portfolio for some designs I have done previously. I can also customize the website according to your taste and preferences.

How much do you charge for a website?

The website cost differs depending on the number of pages you want it to have and whether it is just a static website or a dynamic website. Add to these are the costs of domain registration and server hosting. For a more accurate quotation, feel free to contact me.

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